Enable Paytm Postpaid services and Get upto Rs.10000 Per month

paytm postpaid all details

Paytm Postpaid

Paytm postpaid details: Paytm is launching regular offers for their customer and attractive promo codes. In the recent move they have introduced the Paytm postpaid Services under which they are offering upto Rs.10000 Credits which is issued by ICICI bank. In this article I will focus on every single details about this New service.


paytm post paid detailsWhat is Paytm Postpaid?

In Paytm Postpaid, paytm will give u a wholesome credit upto Rs.10000 which you can use for buying anything on paytm. it is just like the F.ipkart pay later service or  more like a credit card which u spend the whole month and pay later.

Who are Eligible To Paytm Postpaid Service?

Everyone who is paytm KYC verified customer are elgible for this offer.

Benefits Of Paytm Postpaid Service:

  • Get upto Rs10000 limit (set by ICICI)
  • Spend Now & Pay Next month
  • 0 % Interest
  • No Hidden Fees or account keeping fee are charged
  • Get Exclusive Rewards

What can i Buy with Paytm Postpaid Credit?

Anything and everything that are listed on paytm can be bought with Paytm Postpaid services. To be specific you can do Mobile Recharges, Movie booking, buy on Paytm mall, Bus booking and everything else*.

How to apply for Paytm postpaid?

paytm postpaid all detailsHow much limit will I get for my  postpaid?

This limit is basically set by ICC bank and Paytm with user’s past spending experience and limit enhanced with how one use the service and repay it timely. Generally people gets a limit From Rs.500-60000 on the basis of your past uses.

What is The repayment Date?

The Repayment of you current month bill date is 7th of the next month and bill is generated on 1st of every  month.

Eg-: If You purchase from postpaid in the month of January 2019 then your bill will be generated on 1st of February and  you have to pay your dues till 7th of February. Paytm has further decided to charge some nominal fees as late fees which is applicable if you do not pay until 7th*.

*What is the Late Fee Structure?

Here is a screenshot of late fee structure which applicable for defaulter who does not pay their bills till 7th of the Next month. you have to pay your late fee penalty from Rs.5 to 600 based on your due amount.

paytm postpaid details

Should i Apply or not?

In my opinion if you are someone who is a regular user of paytm and love to do extra shopping, bill paying on paytm You should definitely apply for the paytm postpaid services. However the main concern will be the repayment, If you can repay your dues timely then there is nothing to worry about else you will burdened with the late fees.

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