How to generate a Virtual Visa Debit Card from SBI Netbanking

How to get SBI virtual card

Hey guys as you know In This new section of Technical Guruji we have started posting  Tech-stuffs and tricks and trips related to Android and Internet. In this post we have talked about How to generate virtual card on Sbi Net banking.

Onlinesbi is the Net banking platform for State bank of India users and is currently the popular of all banks. SBI is known for serving Best banking services and its Diversified options in the Net Banking platform.Some of their Best servings are E-Bill pay, online Loan Apply, Online Adhaar link, Online Term deposit account opening, Online Cheque book request, International Fund transfer etc.

In recent time They have launched the E-card services at where One can Generate Virtual Debit card of Net-Banking without actually having a physical one.

What is Virtual debit card?

Virtual Debit Card is same as a Physical debit card and can be used as a physical debit card for online shopping and bill payment. The only difference is it is in virtual/ electronic form means, you can not swipe it. you may only able to use it by using its Number and CVV for payment.

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What are the Benefits of Virtual Debit Card?

Pros Of Virtual Debit cards

  1. Secure – Most of the service provider provide virtual cards with the dynamic security codes which change with time, means for every new transaction there may be a new PIn code so no problem with your PIN leaks.
  2. Safety – Unlike your physical card it may not get lost or can’t be stolen hence it stays with you.
  3. No annual Free – You do not have to pay for service charges or other GST for acquiring a new card or any annual charges.
  4. Online shopping – Having many Debit cards may help you when you will find E-commerce sites giving lucrative offers relating to the particular cards only.
  5. No Rushing at the bank – For getting a virtual debit card you do not have to rush to the bank and fill up never-ending forms neither you have to stand in a queue because it’s easily available on the internet.

Cons Of Virtual Debit cards

  1. You can not swipe it in shopping malls, petrol pumps or any other places.
  2. As the Credentials are dynamic and changing with time it may become a headache When you are out of the Internet.
  3. You may not find everyone is accepting payments from these cards which is a worry.

How to generate virtual card on SBI netBanking?

Step 1: Go to State bank Onlinesbi website.

Step 2 : Login with your Username and Password.

How to create SBI virtual card(Something looks like this)

Step 3: Go to e-services tab on the upper menu and find E-cards.

how to creat a sbi virtual card

Step 4: Now you will Get state Bank Virtual card options on Next screen.

 how to create SBI virtual card

Step 5: On next screen on Generate virtual Card option Set How much you want spend? set the limit of your card.

(Remember : One virtual card can be used only for one time transaction Eg- If you want to buy something of 750 with your Sbi virtual card, you can set limit to 1000 and create the card. So, If you spend 750 Rest 250 will be credited back to account)

Step 6 : For security purposes you have to Confirm with 8 digit Mobile OTP .

Step 7 : After successful verification You will get Your Virtual card ready to Use 

How to Generate Visa virtual cards

(Here is my Visa Verified Virtual Card is ready to use)

for more information you can call to sbi customer care service.

So its just a affair of 10 mins and you get a handy visa Card on your Computer screen. Easy isn’t it? Now that you have completed this article time to get your visa card from Your SBI net banking But Before leaving you can consider sharing this post as we are giving away Free Paytm vouchers to ten lucky readers everyday.

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