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Rapido Promo code, Rapido captain salary

Rapido promo codes

Rapido Promo codesWhile traveling Individually many times I felt that taking a taxi (ola & uber) is not going to help my pocket. The thought may be no difference to many individuals who go to office daily for a distance, That is little more than walkable.

For Instance, if you are recently posted to Gurgaon and You do not like the public Bus services and want to take a private 4 wheeler taxi and you travel to your office which is a just 5km distance from Your PG, imagine How much you are paying for this 4 wheeler taxi services daily?

What if I tell you I have a solution for this in the name of Rapido!

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What is Rapido?

Rapido is India’s First Two Wheeler Bike Taxi service providing startup, that just works like OLA and Uber. Using Rapido You can Book a Bike for Traveling individually to a shorter distance with a Pocket-Friendly Price In no time.

Benefits OF Using Rapido Bike Taxi Services

  • Budget-Friendly for Individual Travelers.
  • Time-saving Rides within High Traffic cities.
  • Rapido Rides are Insured.
  • You can make money as a Rider if you have a Motorbike.

Rapido Serviceable cities in India.

Rapido is currently Running Mostly on southern India. Major Cities like Bhubaneswar, Hyderabad, Vijayawada, Vishakhapatnam, Coimbatore, Vijayawada, Gurgaon, Patna, Bhopal, Mysuru, Tirchy, Madurai  have the Bike taxi facilities as of Now

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How to Signup and Get a Free Ride?

  1. Download the Rapido App from Here (Download Now)

2. Now enter your mobile number and verify with the OTP

3. In the Rapido “Have a Referral Code” section, enter the Rapido Promo code


4. This promocode will get you  Rs.30 in your Rapido wallet.

5. Now Just Put Any Destination You want to go, this will show you the estimated cost of your Ride.

6. Also, you will get an option of entering the Promo code and Paying method like below.

Rapido Referal code, Rapido captain salary

7. Now just Enter Promo code RIDE100 and You will get a Huge discount on Your ride.

8. Choose Rapido wallet at desired payment method.

9. Now You can Pay the Rest amount from Your Rapido wallet ( Existing 30 balance)

10. Njoy your Free Ride.

Rapido Refer and Earn Offer

Rapido offers a Refer and Earn programme for its users by which you can refer Your Friends and Families to Signup to Rapido using your Referal code and Then take their first ride. Your Friend will get Instant Rs.30 wallet Balance on Joining and You will get Rs.30 After your Friend takes the First Ride.

#You will Find Your referral Code on Menu>> Free Rides>>Invite Friends.

My First Free Ride Experience with Rapido

So in order to write this article, first I thought of taking a Ride myself In Bhubaneswar area on a fine evening. The Rider arrived with a Hero Glamour in a few seconds after booking. He was well dressed and Very polite. I took a ride of Nearly 10km and the ride was quite smooth and I reached the place timely. However, While taking the Ride I observed quite a few things which I am listing Below.

  • The Rider didn’t provide me any Pillion Helmet or shower cap which they claim in their website.
  • The Rider was cruising with a city allowed-speed of 40kmph which is really nice.
  • Riders took the Fastest root for the destination which is appreciable.

How to be A Rapido Captain and Earn?

Rapido captain Basically means Becoming a Rider for the company. You Need to have Driving Licence and Vehicle Registration Certificate of 2007 make or newer bike to become a Rapido Captain.

For the Rapido, captain salary Download the Rapido Captain app  (Download Now)


So I found many good things about using Rapido but my only concern is How safety will be the Rapido bike rides for the Individual ladies traveling alone? Besides, The way of riding of the Riders (Rush Riding) may be the other concern.

Since the services are just launched, its to soon to judge this. Let’s just use the Freeride and then Decide ourselves that the app is worth it or not.

Cheers!! Wear helmet be safe!


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