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Hello Readers, IF you are little aware of the current Banking scenario then you might have seen the interest rate of the Public sector banks has reduced drastically from last few years. Previously it was as high as 7% compared to today’s 3.50% only. So A Aam Admi (General public) who do not like to tinker with their hard earned money in stock markets or any other mutual funds is Now having a Big Headache that Where he should Put his money to get More interests and more return ?? well if You are one of those people Who does not have any idea about How to invest your money for a higher rate, then the answer in bitcoin. Here in this article I will be covering all your FAQs and will try to answer every single thing about Bitcoin and the Suitable way to Invest In India also you will be getting some Free Bitcoins at the end.

What is Bitcoin?

As a layman’s language Bitcoin is something which is like Electronics currency which is now widely popular and widely accepted payment method. say, If you are in India and You want to pay someone in the UK, then you don’t have to pay it in their currency but you can pay it as Bitcoin to them. Which later can be converted into physical cash (if they wish). In other ways, it can be paid to pizza shops, Mobile stores, and many more places. Most Importantly it has no bank Involvement, no transaction fees which made it widely popular in few days.

Why Bitcoins? Current scenario? Future ?

According to Wikipedia bitcoin is one of those cryptocurrencies which has seen a huge growth in last four quarters. For instance, it was nearly 40 thousand Rupees back in September 2016 (1BTC = $624). Now in August 2017 nearly after 1 year, it has reached to an unimaginable figure of 285 thousand Rupees i..e (1BTC =$4444).Which is more than 7 times. Imagine If you would have invested say, 5000 RS in September what would have its value now?  yes, its 35,000 INR, making 30000 Rs profit in 11 months compared to your bank interest which was merely 4% you would have got hardly 300 Rs.  SO you decide which is better? Your old school Investment or Bitcoin.

*All the figures are in Indian currency.

This graph says it all.

(Bitcoin chart until Mid August )

source: Unocoin.com

For the updated graph visit unocoin official website here : Unocoin

So here the question arises what is the future of Bitcoin will it still grow? how much will it be until the end of this financial year? The answer is a Big Yes! and according to Cryptocurrency expert Will panda, it will be around 12,00,000 Rs. ($18000 Approx.)  until this year end.

So what are you waiting for, this is the time to stop thinking and start jumping into Bitcoins.

*Update – Bitcoins has touched the 12,00,000 Rs ($18,000) Mark.

If You are someone Reading this Article in December where Prices are sky High as 13,00,000 rupees, Once Single Advice For You THat You are Never Too late to Invest As The Prediction For Bitcoin in 2018 is about to Nearly 25,00,000 Rupees ($390000). So you still have times with you. Stop Regretting and start investing Now !!!

unoclin chart - dealsguruji.com

(Latest graph From unocoin.com)

Where to Invest in Bitcoins in India? (Free bitcoins)

There is a number of websites and Android apps where one can invest in bitcoins out of which I will talk about two apps which is genuine and easy in bitcoin trading. These are Zebpay & Unocoin. Now I will tell about my experience with these apps. Basically, these two companies let You buy and sell bitcoins by making deposits with RTGS or NEFT or Payu wallet. When you buy any bitcoins You can store them in these app wallets and when the price goes up you sell them to make good money. All you have to do is making it KYC complied which requires the below documents.

  • pan card copy
  • address proof copy (Adhaar or Driving license )
  • Bank Details
  • Phone number.

it takes them 2-3 days to verify your details and activate your wallet…

  1. Download Zebpay app here Download
  2. Open and register through a number, email and other details and verify OTP.
  3. Now go to the menu and verify your account by giving PAN, bank details, address proof.
  4. It will take max 48hrs to verify the documents.
  5. Once verified, you can use full features of Zebpay app along with Zebpay Referral Code Offer.
  6. Now click on ‘Free bitcoins’
  7. To get Free bitcoins worth Rs.100 put this promo code   REF33431618
  8.  You’ve successfully Entered Zebpay Promo Code and now whenever you make a transaction on Zebpay you’ll receive Rs.100 in your Zebpay Wallet.
  9. Now get ready to earn big returns on your investments.

what I like about zebpay  ??

  • Secure storing of your bitcoin wallet by enabling fingerprint technology.
  • The selling rate is higher
  • Quick trading and easy payment!!
  • You can also Recharge and top up Your mobile phones and DTH.
  • Quicker verification.

what I dislike like about zebpay  ??

  • You need to pay Through only online banking via RTGS, NEFT or Net banking, You cannot pay via Debit card.
  • RTGS and NEFT are not available at night and when you do that in morning it takes nearly 20hrs.
  • service charges are bit Higher.


  1. Download Unocoin app here 
  2. Sign up using Email .
  3. Use this Coupon code For free Rs.200 Worth bitcoin in your wallet as welcome bonus TTA200
  4. Use this Referal code to get Free 10 PAYTM cash  U388761
  5. Now Go to Profile verify your details by giving PAN card no, Address proof and ID proof and also verify your mobile number.
  6. After successful verification, You will get Free bitcoin worth Rs.200 and Free Rs.10 Paytm cash.
  7. done! now you can purchase bitcoins and store them to sell at higher prices.

Update: You can use those ₹ 200 rupees for mobile recharge or Book my show wallet recharge if you don’t wish to keep them as Bitcoins.

What I like about Unocoin ??

  • Free goodies (Paytm cash, free bitcoin)
  • It is also available on the website so good for them who want to use it on web.
  • You can Use Payu wallet for instant buying.
  • Security seems quite strong: password, OTP, and you can enable Google 2 factor authorization.
  • Transaction time is faster then Zebpay.

What I dislike about Unocoin ??

  • The app Crashes quite a lot time.
  • The user interface is little difficult comparing to zebpay.
  • The User verification quite took a long time for me as it needs a clear photocopy of all your documents.


Final words:  As we see India is moving faster towards development so is the economic growth of our country, with all these the talk for a paperless currency is the ‘need of the hour’ and we all know Bitcoin is becoming the most desired Paperless coin. So while all the Commercial banks reducing their interest rates. This is the time to invest our money in the right place so that we all will get maximum benefit out of it.

*Before Investing Anything research Your Own, Then Invest.

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  1. Hello guys, I have been interested in investing in cryptocurrencies for while now, ever since the bitcoin exploded all over the news. I have friends who have invested in cryptocurrencies like Tron, Ripple and so on.


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