41 Unique video ideas for YouTube – 2021

video ideas for YouTube 2021

After a disastrous 2020 we are almost into the 2021 with a new hope and Fresh start. Many of you have searched for this means you already know how YouTube works and what are the potentials in YouTube. In this article i will be guiding you about Good video ideas for YouTube that will work in 2021, i will tell you how you can monetize them with various sources.

its just not another 20-something list which repeats the same crap as shared by thousands of sites on the internet. To stand out, I spent 12 hours watching different YouTube videos, analyzing their topic, popularity, monetization methods, and more. I wish my research will be worth your time. here are some good video ideas for YouTube.

41 YouTube Video ideas guaranteed to work in 2021


1.Cyber Security

Amid growing tension between China and USA there has been a potential for cyber attacks. Expert says cyber crime is growing like pandemic. In this scenario you can Help people If you have knowledge of cyber security, you can teach

  • Tips on how to keep your app safe from malware
  • How to prevent your phones from cyber attacks
  • To secure your personal data
  • How to stay away from fraud callers and OTP seekers

Earning sources : Affiliate marketing of cyber security companies, personal consultation and adviser.

2.Website management

With everything going online and global, getting a business online has been necessary. From small fish to the biggies everyone wants to publish their website, people want to write their personal blog, in this you can start sharing your knowledge of

  • WordPress Tutorials
  • Theme and plugin management.
  • Domain and Hosting details and other basics

Earning sources : Affiliate on Hosting and domain, Online courses and e books on website management, SEO adviser etc.

3. Block-chain Technology

Block chain is in its early phase and specially in India it is very much starting. People want to learn about block-chain and its workings. Education and Health care system want to adopt the technology, Banking is already into it. Historical data says investment in block-chain technology has seen a Big uprising and expected to rise at double pace

youtube ideas on blck chain

Earning sources : personal consultation and adviser, Technical adviser, promoting various block chain startups.

Here is a guide on how to start investing in Bitcoins in India?

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4. Video Technology

people leaning more towards videos then blogs this days from learning to entertainment everything is going online via videos. so here are video ideas for YouTube on video technology.

  • How to use cameras and lens
  • How to work with green screens
  • which accessories to use

Earning sources : Amazon affiliate, Ad Revenue

5. Film Technology

with the growth of internet and video streaming services people are attracted towards short films and small funny videos

Earning sources : Amazon affiliate, Ad Revenue, film promotion,

6. Tech History

This is not purely Technical but you can try it as people with curious minds always wanted to know the story behind a particular technology. so here are video ideas for YouTube on Tech History.

  • Silicon valley
  • History of Biggest tech giants like Apple, Microsoft.
  • Tech failures and learning etc.

Earning sources : Ad revenue

Online Education

7. Time- Lapse videos

This field has not been explored much on YouTube and you can take the benefit from it. you can teach

  • Time lapse of a sculpture made
  • Time lapse of a sand art made.

Earning sources : Ad Revenue.

8. How To videos;

How-To has been a wide and popular niche since internet started. You need to be specific and choose a particular How-To niche to be successful. Some niche ideas are

  • How to Use waste products
  • How to organize

Earning sources : Ad Revenue.

9. Facts and Trivia

Ever saw those fancy Thumbnails on weird fact videos with views in million? Yes this niche is very popular and you can be successful if you make right videos on it, some ideas like –

  • 5 facts about some states
  • 5 facts about a famous restaurant chain.
  • This Day in history

10. Myth Buster

India is a country of myths and tells. There are thousands of superstitions, some have logic and backed by science,some are myths so if you are from India this will particularly help you.

  • Research on Google and local people and get back to the origin of such myths
  • You can take help of your parents and Grand parents.

11. Online Study

Again this sector is rapidly growing like anything and after conditions like COVID it is certain that parents will rethink of sending their children to school. You can do

  • Teach any subject you are acquainted with.
  • subjects for competitive exams.
  • rhymes and story for kids.

Earning sources : Ad Revenue, affiliate marketing, Sponsorship, E books,


12.Animation Videos

Animation videos are generally have a good number of views as Busy moms these days handover their phones to their kids and not encourage them to go play outside. Making animation is not a easy job but with learning and interest in it, it can be mastered. Here is what you can do

  • Videos on kids Animation
  • Animation on Education and learning
  • Animated web series.

13. Performing your Unique skills

if you have some Unique skills like magic, juggling the Balls, Playing guitar or Acting or mimicking skills you can make YouTube videos on it and can make a good fame. people will individually recognize you for this.

Earning sources : Ad Revenue, affiliate marketing, Sponsorship, personal meetups, concert etc.


14. Marketing and advertising

Business is going on concept. Everyday new players will come to market with their products. what you can do is

  • specialize on marketing mix.
  • Talk about various funny and innovative advertising ides.
  • Introduce various Marketing tools
  • Share customer buying trends and data.


Startup has been in a boom phase since last 2-3 years. India lies Behind USA and China in the list of Startup counts. what you can do is

  • Share startup news
  • Information on Source of Funding the startups
  • Start up Ideas
  • Startup successful and failure stories

16. Business stories

Every successful and Failed Business has a story to tell and a Lesson to learn. What you can do is

  • Make White board animation on case studies.
  • Share strategy used for business to grow
  • share Failures and scams in various business.

17. Business Books

If you are into books and stuffs you can pick a Good business books and discuss its summary and gist weekly

Earning sources : Ad Revenue, affiliate marketing, Sponsorship, Consultaion and digital products.

Fashion and Lifestyle

18.Hair and skin Care

Its a Big industry. people are more into look good. If you are an expert you can do is

  • Review various newly launched products
  • Ideas to look good with natural products
  • make sure you have proper knowledge and you are certified to give tips and advises.

19. Do’s and Dont’s in styling

make Your short and informative videos on

  • what are some fashion ideas to follow
  • some fashion ideas to avoid for particular person.
  • what dress to wear on which occasion
  • what make-up colors to use and how much for a particular situation.

20. Plus size Fashion

Yes, New fashion startups are Highly focusing in this and coming up with more awesome plus size fashion shops online. what you can do is

  • suggest plus size people what to wear.
  • Help people find such Websites
  • Start your own Merchandise on such fashion.

21. Share what you bought

You can share what fashion products you have purchased and give your review.

Earning sources : Affiliate marketing, Sponsorship, merchandise

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Financial Management

22. Stock and Mutual funds

you can Imagine there is 25 lakh crore invested in mutual funds in India. Also only near to 2.5 % people invest in stocks in India. So if You have knowledge and experience in this field you can share

  • Your Live stock trades
  • you can share your strategy and recommendations on stock
  • give detailed research videos on multi-beggar stocks.
  • Daily talk shows on How the market performed today
  • Weekly Best Funds to invest
  • critical News sharing and impact on particular stocks.

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23. Online Earning deals

This is where our website specialize. You can make videos on whatever we blogs on online earning. You can also make videos on

  • Affiliate earnings
  • E commerce websites
  • Social media Influencing
  • various Online deals on shopping.
  • Regular cashback offers.
  • Freelancing ideas and how to mastery them.

24. Youth’s Finance

Internets most demanded users are aged between 15-35 ear old which mean you can attract youth with educating them about

  • Spend management
  • how to make financial portfolios on young age
  • financial risk management as youth are more furious investors.

25. Insurance

You may not Grow big in these niche But with concentrated audience you can make good sells. You can sell policies and review them..

Earning sources : Affiliate marketing, Sponsorship, Ad revenue, e-books, Indoor seminars.

Health and fitness

26. Dance

After Covid, people will be more aware of Their Health and fitness. You can Train people how to Improve their Health via various dance forms. you can teach

  • Zumba
  • Aerobics

27. Yoga

If you are a trained instructor or you have interest in yoga, you can make videos on

  • Various Yoga-asan.
  • Health Benefits of various Yoga.
  • Science behind various Yoga-Asans.

28. Body Building

similarly if you are a good at Body Building you can make videos on That. you can share

  • Day wise workout secession
  • Instruments to use for such secessions.

29. Diets

70% of the Fitness depends upon what are the food intake in a person. so If you are someone who has good knowledge about healthy diets you can make YouTube videos on-

  • Healthy food Recipes.
  • Healthy food ideas.

Earning sources : Affiliate marketing, Sponsorship, Ad revenue, Body supplements.


30. Secret Recipes

Ever heard things like Mama’s secret Recipes, Grandma’s Secret Recipe? yes if yo are into such Recipes you can easily make a food channel with unique niche like this. similar Ideas for a YouTube videos on secret recipe will be:

  • Country wise secret Recipes
  • Famous Food chain’s secret Recipes.

31. Food from Movies

Unique, Right? if you saw any movies which mentioning some Foods ina scene you can share ideas on such Recipes with Referencing such particular movies. This will keep your audience engaged. some Ideas for a YouTube videos from Indian movie/series are:

  • ‘Undhiyu’ from a famous Indian TV series ‘Tarak mehta ka olta chasma’
  • ‘Kachhe kele ka Dum phukt’ From a famous Bollywood movie ‘ Bawarchi’

32.Festive Foods

India is a country of festivals. Every month there is a festival celebrated in some corner of the country’. So You can specialize on such food recipes and link with the importance of Such festivals. here are some of the Ideas for a YouTube videos based on festivals are:

  • ‘Panakam’ on ‘Ram-Navmi’
  • Special dum Biryani on Eid
  • Special ‘ atta ki ladoo’ on Lohri
  • ‘Turkey’ on Christmas.

33. 5 Ingredient Recipe

Whatever dish you make you make it with 5 ingredients. Interestinng and unique. Weather its an Italian or a continental or Chinese you make everything with your 5 Ingredients.

34. Food Challenges

There are plenty of challenges in YouTube. so what you can do is make challenge videos on street foods. good video ideas for YouTube on food challenges are:

  • 5 mins challenge to finish some foods.
  • challenges on Various Big Thalis.

Earning sources : Affiliate marketing, Sponsorship, Ad revenue, Promoting own restaurants.


35. Scene Break Down

Normally a Director, writer and actors do lot of research and hard work for one scene. good video ideas for YouTube on scene breakdown in

  • Scenes where a blue light is used for no reason
  • scenes where a particular painting is hanging behind,

Like that you can find Easter Eggs on such scenes and Break down such suspenses.

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36.Concept Break Down

This is for all the Nolan fans out there. If you understand a movie which generally not understood by many person. you can make Concept break down of such movie.

37. Predict the movies/shows

With booming of video streaming services there are shows and movies that come in seasons/parts . So One ideas to make YouTube videos could be to Predict your views on the upcoming seasons also you can:

  • Start interesting competitions to grow viewership
  • you can take public interviews on such prediction.

Earning sources : Affiliate marketing,Ad revenue, Promotion.


38. Pocket Friendly travel

as i have mentioned before most of the YouTube viewers are aged between 15-35 so expect them to search for Travel videos that are Budget Friendly. good video ideas for YouTube on pocket friendly travels are:

  • Budget Trip to Switzerland.
  • Budget Trip to Scandinavian countries.
  • Tips on budget friendly hotels and dorms.
  • Tips on Budget friendly foods when travelling.

39. Historical Travels

There is a specific group of people who are interested in Watching and knowing about historical places. what you can do is:

  • Share Route information of such Historical places.
  • Share importance of such places

40. Spiritual Travel

Spirituality is in root of Our country India. You can explore such places if you have interest.so here is some good video ideas for YouTube in spiritualism.

  • Share Route information of such spiritual places.
  • Share importance of such places

41.Haunted places

if you like to explore such places you can make interesting videos on them. you can do live Videos also you can use Instruments to see weather some spirit is there or not. Its all on your own risk.

Earning sources : Affiliate marketing,Ad revenue, partnership with various Travel websites etc.

So there you have it, the 41 good video ideas for YouTube for 2021. Now that you’ve read through them, it’s time to start picking your favorites and putting them into practice.

Getting noticed on YouTube is not something that will happen overnight. You have to really work hard at creating original, interesting content and promoting your channel to the right audience. Even if you do everything right, there’s still no guarantee that your channel will be a huge success, but you’ll have the groundwork in place to make it a possibility.

you can Share some of your own YouTube video ideas with us on Twitter by tweeting using the handle @kumarmanojk5 Tell us how you’ve used these ideas and the impact they’ve had on your channel.

Thank you!!

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